Scoliosis is still considered as one of extremely progressive and difficult deformities (diseases) depending on the size of curves i.e. degrees of the curvature. The cause and solution for scoliosis is still unknown in the classical medicine, as well as why it arises and how it is treated, except for the surgical intervention that people are quite reluctant to undergo, and most of them feel much worse after it anyway. It is well known that scoliosis progressively worsens and that it leads to total deformation of the skeleton (of muscles, bones etc.), taking into account that 80% of population havea crooked spine (scoliosis) and that it is number one disease of the modern society. Scoliosis (curved spine) is a deformity of the spinal column, observed from the back, which mostly arises during children’s growth, mostly in puberty (from 10th until 17th year) and it sometimes partially stabilizes after the growth ends. Due to rapid growth, some back muscles remain shorter on one side and longer on the other, which causes the spine to bend and crook over the entire lenghth of the back, forming an S-shaped curves. In addition to shortened and disproportionate muscles that are in imbalance, significant causes of scoliosis are also rotated atlas, shorter leg, disproportional hips, deformed pelvis, deformity of sacroiliac joint and hemisacrilization and lumbalization of individual vertebrae (two or more vertebrae merged into one). Excessive sitting is also one of the prerequisites for emergence of scoliosis, because the spine becomes rapidly and progressively curved. Namely, while you are sitting, the pressure on the spine from the pelvic part is 2.5 times greater than while you are standing, which means that your spine is being 3 times more rapidly damaged and deformed if you sit all day long than if you stand or move. Curvature of the spine leads to various deformities of the whole body, especially of the cervical spine; one shoulder is usually lower than the other, one shoulder blade visibly stands out in relation to the other and disbalance of hips and legs and gibbus (rib deformity) occurs. Scoliotic position of the spine can cause pressure on the nerves exiting the spinal canal, thereby disabling the function of those nerves. When the nerve roots are pressured by the vertebrae that are rotated in the curves, it comes to the impaired functioning of the nerves and nerve endings. Therefore, the inflamed nerves exiting the spine disable functioning of certain organs and extremities (arms and legs) and they hinder the circulation of blood to the head (cervical spine) where the nerve endings of the pinched nerves are.


The principle of treatment, i.e. partial stop of scoliosis in official medicine is to use weak corrective exercises that you obtain from a physiologist from your community health center. Roughly put, those exercises can only cement your scoliotic position by strengthening mostly wrong musculature. Thereby the exercises contribute to further subsequent curvature of the spine and progression of scoliosis. In most cases, when the curves of scoliosis exceed 30-40 degrees, they exercise pressure on the entire skeleton, because in this phase scoliosis bends and permanently deforms all the bones in your body and it is extremely difficult to return them to the normal state later on. Therefore, it is necessary to treat scoliosis already in its beginning stage, so that you would not have major problems with deformed bones later on, which of course makes subsequent treatment much more difficult (gibbus, pelvic deformity, sacrum deformity, deformity of vertebrae, of shoulder blades, displacement of organs, impaired heart functining and blood pressure etc.).

Surgical intervention is the worst solution you can choose, because the rod that immobilizes and stiffens your spine also damages your healthy spine and turns you into a partial invalid. The spine is foreseen as mobile and it always needs lubrication and movements. If you permanently immobilize it, you will very soon lose the functionality of the disc and the muscles along the spine, as discs lose their properties and fluid because there are no movements to supply them with blood and this leads to a total atrophy of all discs and muscles of the spine. If your spine is supported by a rod, the brain receives a signal that something is supporting your spine and that it is not necessary to increase the activity of the back muscles and they gradually atrophy, weaken and disappear, and unfortunately, the rod becomes the only crutch. It is sufficient to carry the rod for a couple of years for everything that is necessary for proper functioning of your spine to atrophy. Due to loss of fluid in discs and muscle atrophy, your body will enter kyphosis, because of the inability to support your spine and weakness of the muscles and it will occassionally come to breaking of the rod in some parts where the pressure is greatest and to merging and coalescence of vertebrae in the parts where the discs have been lost. This is, of course, dangerous, since this problem can cause severe and unbearable pain that you cannot do anything about, due to immobilization, except for taking strong painkillers, thereby partially reducing the pain, but also damaging the liver, stomach and the whole digestive tract! When it comes to spinal cord compression caused by scoliosis, spinal nerves that have been under attack due to narrowing of the space, may cause pain in all parts of the spine and the body, especially in internal organs and extremities – arms and legs. It is almost impossible to solve the problem because of immobilized spine. If you already have a rod inserted, you should realize that there is no need to carry it at all because it takes very little time for the spine and the muscles to become completely atrophied.

The surgical intervention of installing titanium rod begins by making a cut along the whole spine, thereby damaging healthy muscles, which you can see in clips (YouTube) where the whole procedure is shown. Another dangerous thing, which often happens if you decide to undergo a surgical procedure, is that the titanium rod, screws and many other metal parts can cause a variety of infections and in the worst case even sepsis! Your brain can register metal only as a foreign body that it is, which has the logical consequence that you immune system turns against the metal inside of you and tries to reject it, causing various allergic reactions, such as rashes, choking and autoimmune diseases in the process! Unfortunetely, the trend in the world, as well as in our country, is to carry the rod whole life long and some people become partially disabled after several years and are unable to do many things that they were able to do before. What is worst is that the extraction of the rod that caused atrophy could prove even more dangerous!

Wearing a corset and orthosis, as well as other quasi-inventions in classical medicine can also cause severe muscle atrophies. By wearing a corset and exercising in it you can only slightly halt the progression of scoliosis, but after you stop wearing it, you end up having even a more severe case of scoliosis, due to muscle atrophy caused by wearing the corset for 23 hours a day. At the same time, you’ve lost years with such inappropriate treatment. Swimming can also exacerbate your state, although many people consider it as the best sport for spine and scoliosis. However, while you are in water and you are swimming, it is difficult to specifically say which muscles are being developed more or less and whether your spine is getting even more curved or not. According to our opinion, swimming should be avoided in cases where the scoliosis curve exceeds 10 degrees, because the irregular body movements you do not notice may cause even greater spine curvature and musscle imbalance. Our decades long experience and a great number of cured scoliosis indicate that is extremely difficult, and mostly even impossible, to staighten the spine without using the Delfin device. Scoliosis curves of up to 100 degrees can be very rapidly straigthened, if the patient adheres to all the aforementioned rules. We straighten your spine in the same natural and logical way in which it was curved and deformed.


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